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Since 2006 the beauty industry is all I have known professionally. Sometimes I am blown away at how many years have gone by and yet I'm still growing and learning everyday. Making people feel great about themselves is truly rewarding! I have made deep connections with many of my clients and feel the love whenever you all step in my room. The loyalty is unmatched and I wouldn't want it any other way. Sometimes I think about my path in life, and I truly believe this is the industry I was meant to be in...just a small bummer my dream of being a veterinarian or riding horses in the olympics didn't quite pan out;)  I ask myself many times what I would tell a younger me about my life with all of the obstacles and detours that have come my way...I would tell her to "keep being her no matter the negative or those that may try to keep her keep her work ethic strong....that foundation and those principles will keep you going when you want to throw in the always be willing to learn from others and listen from the best but know you have skills of your own that are unmatched....and to always keep your head up, and that smile on your face!" Hang on tight and let that pony run girl!


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