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Services Offered


Brows - 35.00

Lip - 12.00

Brow and Lip - 47.00

Full Face - 60.00

Chin - 15.00

Sideburns - 25.00

Underarms - 35.00

Full  arm - 50.00

Half arm - 40.00

Full Leg - 100.00

Half Leg - 50.00

Bikini - 47.00

Modified Bikini -65.00

Brazilian - 75.00


Brows - 35.00

Lip - 12.00

Brow and Lip - 47.00

Chin - 15.00

Full Face - 60.00 




This treatment is great for anyone looking to get a deeper exfoliation and of course to remove that unwanted peach fuzz! Expect to have a more smoother, brighter, younger complexion. In this treatment I infuse the benefits of CBD. Includes, deep cleaning, derma plane, extractions if needed, customized hydro jelly mask, eye cream, toner and moisturizer. 


 Quickie Dermaplane- 85.00 includes: cleanse, dermaplane, no extractions, toner, eyecream and moisturizer


Experience all the benefits of Microneedling! Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots and pigmentation, acne scars, and can also stimulate hair growth in thinning areas. One treatment is great but a series of 6 is suggested to gain maximum benefits and results. 

Initial microblading/Combo Brow/Powder Brow
480.00 (includes 1 touch-up)
   -Must book touch-up in 6- 8 weeks of initial service               
Yearly retouch color boost -
150.00 (another 8 weeks for healing)
Brow Repair - In most cases I will not be able to fix or go over another technicians work. There are acceptions and a consultation will help with deciding what will work best for your brows. 
Please Note: I require you to book a consultation on if I have never seen you before... I am tattooing your face so lets make sure I can accomodate your needs.  Credit Card info will be taken for appointments to avoid no shows and last minute cancelations. Vagaro will deny your app without consult. Cant wait to beautifully blade those brows!
Consultation -
30.00 This is for my time if you decide to not go through with the procedure. This charge will be applied to service if we decide you are a good candidate.
-Certified in the State of Colorado 132hr PMU reguirement
-Certified in Blood Born Pathogen


Lash and Brow Tint

-I suggest getting a patch test done with me so you can count out any allergies.

-Can last up too 3 weeks or more

-Avoid using oils or harsh exfoliating treatments to prolong your tint.

-I am unable to lighten hairs.

Lash Tint - 25.00

Brow TInt- 25.00

Brow Shape + Tint- 60.00


           Brow Lamination


- Lasts 6-8 weeks

- Redirects hair growth for a more full effect

- Great for those not ready to commit to       microblading

-  For clients with thick and unruly hair growth


100.00 -Includes treatment, shape, and tint

80.00 - Treatment, shape, no tint

Elleeplex ProFusion Lash Lift

-TGA Free

-Cysteamine Hydrochloride minimises over processing

-Strengthens Lashes 

-Vegan friendly

-Lasts 6-8 weeks

- includes tint

- 90.00 

Keratin Lash Infusion

Not your average Lash Lift...but rather a keratin infusion and conditioning treatment that will leave your lashes lifted, curled, tinted and healthy! Guaranteed to never over process and damage your lashes.

-110.00 includes treatment and tint

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